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Our grapes, our vineyards, our land: these are the three souls of Cavazza wine.
They are inseparable and irreplaceable, all born from the same life-giving source, the environment, and without it nothing would be possible.

We’ve always been mindful that we cannot create a quality product without respecting the raw materials. That respect leads us to deeply care for and protect our landscape, with the same commitment we put into our daily work.

We allow ourselves to be inspired every day by the hills of Selva, the cradle not only of our winery, but first for our family. Our hands combing the rows of the Cicogna estate are full of responsibility, gratitude and debt to a land that has given us so much.

The environment we live in has allowed us to become what we are today. With our daily actions, we have a duty and privilege to mold, enrich and respect it, returning with gratitude all that has been given. Our winemaking world is not just composed of natural elements, but also of the marks left by man.

SQNPI: The Italian certification system certifying compliance with Integrated Production Standards

(Sistema di Qualità Nazionale Produzione Integrata)

We have always strived to protect our landscape.

Our unstinting commitment to safeguarding the environment was rewarded in 2019, when our grape harvest was granted the SQNPI certification, which is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies.

This was achieved thanks to our stringent cultivation methods that combine good farming practices and sustainable production processes along the entire chain. In the vineyard, we use organic fertilizers and clear the under-vine areas mechanically or by controlled cover cropping. The soil is kept fertile naturally thanks to crop rotation. We also use green manure cropping, which enriches the soil.

Analyses are periodically conducted on the vine leaves, soil and wine that is produced to check for residues of treatments used in vine growing and winemaking. This guarantees that our wines are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Sustainable Viticulture

Protecting the landscape and preserving its extraordinary beauty is our responsibility, just like creating a product of excellence like Cavazza wines. This responsibility is reflected in the management of our vineyards, guided by our personal manifesto of sustainable viticulture, with these precise cultivation characteristics:

grassing with low environmental impact

diversification of crops and preservation of biodiversity

non-intensive cultivation: vines interspersed with olive groves, marasca cherry trees, figs, strawberry trees, woodlands, and mulberries

sustainable use of agricultural chemicals

green manure, that provides rest for some vines for years in the respect of the crop rotation

manual pruning to control the vegetative/productive balance of each plant

preservation of historical vineyards, such as the Cicogna Tai Rosso

less water usage through a drip irrigation system

Preservation of Biodiversity

Nature’s biodiversity is a priceless treasure, and its variety of life forms and ecosystems are indispensable to us. Meadows, woodlands, pollinating insects and indigenous microorganisms live in symbiosis with our plants, improving not only the quality of their lives, but also of our wines. In light of this, we lined the edges of our vineyards with an arboreal-shrub vegetation mix typical of local and Mediterranean flora. You’ll find generous plants such as oak, evergreen oak, mastic, strawberry and maple trees.

This technique often unveils pleasant discoveries, like the natural population boom of the dwarf prickly pear in a volcanic terrain present in the Selva region, so dear to us. It is a plant species that has found favorable environmental conditions and an ideal microclimate to live in. It is true that the landscape needs constant care and attention, but it is equally true that it always returns to us an inexhaustible wonder.

Sustainable Energy

We speak often about our love for the environment we live in. Therefore, deciding to invest in a photovoltaic system (solar panels) seemed like the right and natural direction to continue on this path of environmental protection.

The project, that begun in 2010, lined the roof of our winery that’s dedicated to warehouse and bottling, totaling 1,500 square meters.

Thanks to the production of 160 kWp, this system allows us to be completely self-sufficient, particularly with operations like the entire refrigeration system (with pressure tanks and regulating the warehouse), the presses and the bottling plant.

With the photovoltaic system, each year we save:

82 tonnes of
carbon dioxide
144 kg of powdered
nitrogen dioxide
34 tonnes
of oil

That’s why our wine is not only the result of extensive experience, hard work, advanced tools and high quality raw materials, but also of extraordinary attention to our land and the continued engagement in protecting it.

This is Cavazza for the environment. These are the values we believe in and they are what allows us to offer an outstanding product.

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