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As a family with more than 90 years of experience in winemaking, we are firmly attached to the land and we dedicate our commitment to the environment and its preservation. The historical values in which we believe can be considered as a philosophy of production. We work with eco-friendly energy produced by solar panels and follow precise methods of cultivation:

  • Mechanical processing techniques of the soil
  • Minimal external intervention in the vineyard
  • Use of organic fertilizer.

Today we are glad to announce that from vintage 2019 on, you will find a symbol with a bee on the backlabel of Cavazza wines: it is the official mark of SQNPI (National Quality System of Integrated Production), the certification for integrated agriculture made official by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture.

This can guarantee that our wines contribute to environmental sustainability, biodiversity and the beauty of our territory. The wine certification is the result of many steps and controls throughout the entire supply chain – from the field to the bottle.

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