“Polastreo in tecia”

Locanda Benetti, Costabissara (VI)



potato chunks




Purchase a courtyard chicken, plucked and cleaned.  Cut the chicken into medium sized chunks and put them in a pan with oil, adding only a little sage and rosemary. Leave it to cook like this, slowly, so that the sauce and the meat become tender and full of flavor.  Salt in moderation, and add potato chunks. For the final touch, put it in the oven to crisp.  And now the “polastreo in tecia” is served!

“Polastreo in tecia” is a traditional home-cooked dish made when celebrating an annual festival on August 2nd, called the “Festa dei Omeni”. In the morning, Italians drink white wine with chicken.

Try this recipe with a bottle of Cicogna Merlot

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