Musetto con Cren (sausage with horseradish)

Osteria MadonnettaMarostica (VI)

Ingredients (serves 4)

1 musetto (cotechino)

fresh grated horseradish


white wine vinegar

Secret condiment of the Osteria Madonnetta:

It’s not so much a condiment, but a perfect match. We suggest that you try the musetto with rich mashed potatoes or “radicci in tecia” (boiled dandelion).

Coessin col cren

Typically wrapped in the winter, it must be consumed in a short period of time due to the processing and boiling cooking method. It is called “musetto” because all of the meat on the head of a pig is used, together with the rind and other parts, and stuffed in the casing and flavored with salt and pepper.

Our research did not result in interesting information regarding the history of musetto, but it did confirm that is a typical dish served in rural areas, where all parts of the pig are utilized.

The same is true for the cren (horseradish), which was thought to be used from the wild. In the past, it was used not only for “cleaning the mouth” when paired with the musetto or meat in general, but above all for its therapeutic properties used to treat urinary and respiratory tract infections, and to stimulate digestion.

In each Veneta osteria, you can drink an “ombra di vin” with musetto and horseradish.

Enjoy this dish with a bottle of Corallo

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