Opunzia, the new wine of the Cavazza family, symbol of natural biodiversity

Opunzia wine is produced from grapes grown on the Selva in Montebello Vicentino foothills, where volcanic soil composed of layers of tuff and basalt gives rise to wonderfully fresh tasting, richly flavoured white wines.

The wine is straw yellow with greenish highlights, while the nose first reveals intense floral scents of European box and Spanish broom as well as tropical fruit, such as pineapple and maracujá (commonly known as passion fruit), followed by hints of flint arising from the volcanic soil on which the grapes are grown. The palate confirms the fruit and mineral profiles detected on the nose, while the finish is crisp and polished.

The name Opunzia is a tribute to the Opuntia Compressa plant, better known as the dwarf prickly pear, which we discovered on a volcanic hill on the edge of our vineyards. The protected species has become our symbol of natural biodiversity and its infinite richness.

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